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  • House Keeping
    Chemical & Machinery

    Ancillary and Eco-friendly Housekeeping Products.

  • Superior Car Wash
    Chemical & Machinery

    Cost-effective and Hygienic
    Car Wash Chemicals and Machineries.

  • High-Quality
    Laundry Chemicals

    Organic fabric softener and laundry detergents.

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JC Chemicals a leading enterpriser of commercial and industrial cleaning products in Malaysia. Our products improve hygiene levels and reduce overall costs.

We offer the latest innovative cleaning machinery and chemicals to various industries including Hospitality, Banking sectors, Manufacturing sectors, Building, Shopping malls, Cinema, Hotel, Cleaning Companies, and to many other sectors at best range.

Our Vision is to provide high-quality and reliable products to our customer at an affordable price. To offer our customers everything from machinery/chemicals purchase to asset management and maintenance.

Our Services

Eco-friendly Machinery & Chemicals.
We at JC Chemicals offer a vast range of commercial, industrial cleaning & machinery products in Malaysia.

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House Keeping Chemical & Machinery

Hygienic & Professional housekeeping machinery and chemicals to keep your surroundings squeaky clean, meets all the safety regulations & standards.

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Car Wash Chemical & Machinery

Multi-use & heavy dirt removing Car wash chemicals, and Effortless High-Pressure Car wash Machinery. Removes the most stubborn dirt and stains.

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Kitchen Chemical

Make your kitchen clean and tidy with JC Kitchen Chemicals, which makes crockery, utensils, and kitchen surface grease-free, clean and sparkling.

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Laundry Chemical

Easy to use commercial & on-premise Laundry Chemicals. JC Chemicals offers high-quality laundry products that are formulated from highly pure and active ingredients.

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Other Products

We have a huge collection of high-quality cleaning products - from chemicals to machinery, general cleaning equipment to window cleaning equipment,.. etc

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