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JC Chemicals a leading enterpriser of commercial and industrial cleaning products in Malaysia. Our products improve hygiene levels and reduce overall costs.

We offer the latest innovative cleaning machinery and chemicals to various industries including Hospitality, Banking sectors, Manufacturing sectors, Building, Shopping malls, Cinema, Hotel, Cleaning Companies, and to many other sectors at best range.

Our Vision is to provide high-quality and reliable products to our customer at an affordable price. To offer our customers everything from machinery/chemicals purchase to asset management and maintenance.

Products of JC CHEMICAL:

Industrial Dust Mop, Mops & Cleaning Accessories, General Cleaning Equipment, Window Cleaning Equipment, Bucket & Trolleys, Garbage Bags, Disposable Products, Hand Glove & Rubber Boots, Tissue Products, Soap & Tissue dispenser, Stainless steel soap & Tissue Dispenser, Hair & Body, Washroom Dispenser, Washroom Hygiene Products, Washroom / Restaurant Dispenser, Cleaning Towel & Microfiber Cloth, Polishing Products, Commercial Floor Matting, Cleaning Safety Signage, Cleaning Chemicals, Accessories for Cleaning Machine, Cleaning Machinery, Stainless steel Waste Bin, Recycle Bins.

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